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Emerging Paradigms Conference 2010

Emerging Paradigms 2010 Poster

The Graduate Organizations Council at the University of South Florida invites you to participate in the Second Annual “Emerging Paradigms: An Interdisciplinary Perspective” Conference to be held on April 16, 2010 at the University of South Florida, Tampa campus. The conference aims at bringing together graduate students from all disciplines and USF campuses.

The emphasis on emerging paradigms calls for paper and/or poster contributions, which touch upon novel, puzzling, and anomalous conceptual and methodological constructions that begin to progressively define the intrinsic character of research and scholarship within the participating students’ disciplines. Participants will have the chance to present their research projects, exchange ideas and create a network of emerging scholars by engaging in an interdisciplinary dialogue that necessitates moving beyond esoteric vocabulary and restricted visions of their immediate and isolated research worlds.
Awards will be attributed to the best paper and poster.
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2010 Emerging Paradigms Conference

On April 16th the GPSC along with the Graduate Student Organizations Committee hosted the second annual Emerging Paradigms interdisciplinary conference.

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CW Young Building: Paper and Poster Presentations - 2nd Floor
Registration: 2nd Floor
Poster Session: 2nd Floor Rotunda
Paper Presentations: 2nd Floor (Rms. 206 A, B, D, E)
Lunch Panel on Global Sustainability: Rm. 206 Auditorium
Reception: 1st Floor Rotunda


For Question of Comments please contact:
Joanna Rozpedowski - rozpedow@mail.usf.edu
Hellen Kantaras - hkantaras@grad.usf.edu