Form a Graduate Student Organization

Why form a Graduate Student Organization?

Forming your own Graduate Student Organization (GSO) can provide a significant advantage to your graduate program:

  1. It enhances communication and cultivates a sense of community within your department.

  2. GSOs can officially represent graduate students before their faculty. Some departments, for example,
    allow GSO participants to represent graduate students interests in faculty meetings.

  3. Having your own GSO raises the profile of your department in the academy and the world at large,
    which in turn may improve your employment opportunities.

  4. It will enable your organization to apply for Student Activity funds to defray the costs of travel to conferences,
    professional journals, and refreshments for a meet and greet,Ěstudent colloquia, and end of the year events.

  5. Forming your own Graduate Student Organization (GSO) is easier than you might think!

Let GPSC help you form your own GSO!! All instructions and procedures are provided by the Center for Student Involvement on their website:

We are confident you will see the importance of building a stronger graduate student community here at USF. The GPSC is here to provide support and answer any questions you may have.