Mission Statement

The Graduate and Professional Student Council (GPSC) represents USF graduate and professional student interests pertaining to
academic, social, and cultural issues by uniting the graduate voice on campus and advocating for deeper engagement between graduate students and the university.

What GPSC Does for You!

Here are some of the things that the Graduate and Professional Student Council does for USF Graduate Students:

  1. Advocated initial $63,000 to assist graduate students traveling to professional conferences for presenting their research (individual students receive up to $350/year for travel). Continuing to advocate for significant increases and improvements to the Conference Travel Grant program.

  2. Lobbied for graduate students to qualify for need-based scholarship from financial aid. Graduate students pay over 1 million dollars per year in financial aid fees and until the GPSC lobbied for it, graduate students did not qualify for these need based grants. Now graduate students qualify for these need-based grants.

  3. Recommend graduate students for appointment on university-wide committees and councils so that the graduate student voice is represented. Lobbied for a Graduate Student financial aid counselor to better meet the specific needs of Graduate Students.

  4. Hold graduate student luncheons with the President, Provost, and Dean of Graduate Studies so that issues and concerns of graduate students are heard by the top administration as well as holding meetings with university administrators to voice graduate concerns.

  5. Help organize and support departmental graduate student organizations.Offer monthly workshops on issues important to graduate students (i.e. how to write a vita/resume, interviewing skills, university resources for graduate students, tax workshops). Promote and conduct activities beneficial to Graduate Student Life such as networking events

  6. Represent USF graduate students during the National Association for Graduate and Professional Students (NAGPS) Legislative Action Day at the capital on issues such as tuition increases and financial support.

  7. Work on important issues such as extended privileges for graduate students.Maintain a graduate student lounge and computer lab. Disseminate information of interest to USF graduate students (i.e. money for research, scholarships, policy changes, free workshops for graduate students, etc.).

  8. Communicate with the Dean of the Graduate Studies regarding issues important to graduate students.

  9. Working with Student Government to have GPSC instated as an independent funding system so that graduate students would make decisions on how to use their A&S Fees.

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